FLASH · 2007

Launch Project
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The home site of Papervision3D was conceived as an interactive experience to showcase the full power of the engine at the time of launch, May 5th 2007. First presented at FITC Toronto 2007, it puts the user inside a coral reef scene where they can look around and interact with the different fish.

This piece features different types of objects and materials. The panorama skybox is a cube segmented by 7×7×7, for a total of 294 triangles. Each face has its own material that is loaded separately.

There are 70 fish, made of 5 plane objects in straight hierarchy, with transparent textures divided in pieces at runtime. Animation is calculated for each plane, and assigned as XZ position and rotationY. That’s another 700 triangles. The jellyfish is a simple 2-triangle plane, with an alpha video texture of 180 frames. It changes position randomly, twice on every loop.

And the shark is a COLLADA object of 1104 triangles with different materials for body, mouth and teeth. Custom 2D skinning is applied on its vertices, converting XZ position to polar coordinates. A very basic AI is used to flock the fish and shark around. It also handles their speed, flapping and turning.


  • .Net Awards 2008: Innovation of the Year
  • 17th FlashForward Film Festival: 3D
  • 2007 FITC Awards: Experimental & People’s Choice