Hello unit9!

We are thrilled to announce we have joined unit9 for interactive representation.

We’ve always been great fans of unit9, we love their work, crafted with care and attention to detail and we are proud to be part of their very talented family.

Like us, unit9 understand and seamlessly bridge creativity with technology. We find ourselves with likeminded people. They talk our language. We can’t wait to see what we build together!

The App & Mobile Case Study Book

We are delighted to see helloflower showcased in The App & Mobile Case Study Book by Rob Ford from the FWA and Julius Wiedemann and published by Taschen.

The book features over 80 in-depth case studies of best-selling and award-winning apps and mobile sites, including games, commerce, promotional, social networking, and utilities for all platforms, from iPad and iPhone, to Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

For anyone curious about exploiting the mobile experience, this is a great guide to discover the stories and statistics behind some of the most successful mobile content.

.Net Magazine: Best 3D sites of 2011

As part of their series of articles reviewing the best work created this year, our friends at .Net magazine invited us to select the 20 best 3D sites of 2011.

This year will go down in internet history as the year when hardware accelerated 3D graphics arrived to the browser without the need of dedicated 3D plug-ins.

With WebGL support in modern browsers (ie except Microsoft’s) and the recently launched Flash 11, developers have started to combine experimentation with creativity to build high-end interactive 3D experiences.

Taking advantage of these new technologies, developers have created many great 3D pieces. It was difficult to choose just 20! We hope you like our selection.

FWA Site Of The Day: Lights

Lights, our interactive music experience for Ellie Goulding has been awarded Site Of The Day at the FWA, for today December 9th.

FWA is an industry recognised award program, established in 2000, showcasing projects which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations. Their support is important for new technologies like WebGL that are changing the face of the Web.

A million thanks to all of you for your votes and your feedback. What a lovely way to end the year!

.Net Magazine: Behind the scenes of Lights

Our friends at .Net magazine recently asked us to write a feature on our Lights interactive music experience. The article is a rather technical case study focused on WebGL and how we created the various graphic effects. You can read it online here:

Behind the scenes of ‘Lights’: the latest WebGL sensation!

We hope you find it interesting!

Chrome Experiment: Lights

We are happy to see Lights not only selected by Google as a Chrome Experiment but also featured in their home page alongside some of the best JavaScript projects to date.

Lights by Ellie Goulding

We were asked by Interscope Records to create an interactive music experience using WebGL for the British artist Ellie Goulding and her song Lights.

The client gave us free creative rein and was very understanding with the experimental nature of the technology, which allowed us to play with different visualisation techniques.

In the same way live music visuals make for a heightened experience, we wanted to achieve this feeling of perceiving music in an enhanced way through light and colour, plus interactivity.

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Flash on the Beach 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Brighton hosted Flash on the Beach, a conference that brings together the best designers, developers and minds in the Flash, design and web community.

I had the pleasure to speak for the fourth time and present the latest work of the studio, including our helloflower app and our new WebGL project Lights.

Judging from the feedback we got, my session was well received. In particular, I love this sketchnote from James Whiteley.

I was also moved by the title sequence for the conference, created by GMUNK. A beautiful piece that marries computer controlled LED light sequencing with an emotional live-action modern dance performance.

In the same way the Flash community has matured and started to make good use of other platforms, Flash on the Beach has expanded way beyond Flash, focusing on design, code and inspiration instead of on a particular technology. The name of the conference is going to change to reflect this, but I’m sure the focus and creative energy will be maintained.

Many thanks to John Davey and his team and congrats for putting together such a great event once more. We look forward to enjoying and being inspired at next year’s edition.

Photo by Les Chatfield.

Edge Online Interview: Browsing 3D Games

Simon Parkin kindly asked me to answer a few questions on Web 3D for Edge Online. You can read the article here and the full interview below. Hope you find it interesting.

What are the core web 3D technologies currently available for gaming on the web?

For rendering hardware accelerated 3D graphics inside the browser there are currently two technologies that have significant audience penetration and developer base.

  • Unity Web Player browser plugin, created by Unity Technologies
  • WebGL, implemented in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 4 and in development releases of Safari and Opera. Created by the Khronos consortium, made up of companies such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Sun Microsystems.

What are the pros and cons of each?

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helloflower in Computer Arts

We are thrilled to see our little iOS app featured in the latest issue of Computer Arts (189).

In an article titled New Experiments in Digital Design, Nick Carson explores how new technology can help turn your creative visions into reality. He kindly asked Carlos to discuss the future of 3D technology, the potential of creative apps and the ideas behind helloflower.