Thinking Digital 2014

Thinking Digital 2014

We are glad to be invited to participate in Thinking Digital 2014, an amazing conference on technology, ideas and our future, to be held at the Sage Gateshead, in Newcastle, on May 20-22.

This will be our second time there and we are very excited to return. Thinking Digital is a very inspiring and dynamic event, with an eclectic mix of speakers discussing the latest ideas and technologies.

During my session, I’ll be discussing the potential and implications of modern browser technologies while presenting our recent WebGL work.

We also will be running a 3-hour hands-on workshop ‘Create Your Own 3D Game’, where we start by learning the basics of 3D and work toward creating our first game.

It promises to be an outstanding event, recommended for anyone with an interest in the digital world we live in.

FITC Amsterdam 2014


FITC Amsterdam 2014 promises to be a great event to kick the year off. Two days jam-packed with meeting friends and colleagues while enjoying amazing presentations by creators from around the globe.

Taking place on February 24-25, the conference covers both creative and technical topics, from art and design to creative coding. Reflecting the current trends in our industry, this year there’s a strong focus on advanced JavaScript and WebGL development.

I’ll be presenting two sessions during the first day, starting in the morning with HelloRun: A Hypnotic 3D Runner Music Game. A detailed case study of the project, looking at it from different angles and discussing how the game evolved during development.

The second talk is scheduled for the afternoon and is titled Developing Interactive 3D Experiences in HTML5. Here I look at the development of high-end WebGL projects describing the graphics, audio and input techniques used in our work on Lights, HelloRun, Racer-S and F1Q50.

One of my favourite events in one of my favourite cities. If you can make it come by and say hello, I look forward to see you there.

From Unity to Three.js

Over the last several years, Unity has been quietly revolutionising the way we create interactive content. Since we started using it in 2009, it has evolved into a powerful solution for 3D and now 2D development, with remarkable smooth workflows.

Although HTML5 isn’t (yet) among the many platforms Unity supports, we can still take advantage of its robust toolset for our WebGL projects.

The Three.js 3D engine is our library of choice for building interactive experiences for the web. It’s fast, powerful and always getting better.

While working on HelloRun and Lights, we found ourselves increasingly using Unity in the asset pipeline. Initially writing custom JSON exporters for proprietary formats, and later on supporting the native Three.js Object spec.

But these are quick and dirty approaches that require a considerable maintenance effort to keep up with the features of each project and the development of the engine. We want our workflow to rely on existing tools and open formats wherever possible.

This post describes the asset pipeline from the Unity Editor to the Three.js WebGL engine, using the Collada format. Read more →

Web Designer Site of the Week: HelloRun

Web Designer has selected HelloRun for Site of the Week today!

We are big fans of the magazine and its focus on next-gen web technologies. It’s a great honour to be recognised by them. A big thank you to Steve Jenkins and the Web Designer team.

Awwwards Site of the Day: HelloRun

More great news! HelloRun is the Awwwards Site of the Day today. Many thanks to the judges and all of you who voted :D

FWA Mobile of the Day: HelloRun

HelloRun is one of the first WebGL games optimised for mobile devices. It supports Chrome and Firefox for Android, giving a glimpse what can be achieved on a modern mobile browser.

We see huge potential in WebGL mobile, for this reason we are super excited to see it named FWA Mobile of the Day today!

Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Week: HelloRun

HelloRun has been named Cutting Edge Project of the Week, an award curated by Adobe and FWA to distinguish the projects that best highlight the newest capabilities of the modern Web.

We are honoured to be recognised as innovators in this space and want to express our gratitude for this award.

Play & Make 2013

I’m absolutely thrilled to be speaking at Play & Make 2013, an event for creative minds in Düsseldorf on December 9th-11th. With many interesting talks, great workshops and even an exhibition, this is a treat for everybody who is interested in technology and design.

The speaker lineup is simply superb, with many friends among them. I’ll be presenting HelloRun: Lessons learned making an HTML5 game, looking at the project from both the creative and technical perspectives.

Really looking forward to it! If you can make it, please come and say hello!

FWA Site of the Month: HelloRun

The FWA is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Dedicated to recognise amazing digital work, it has featured the greatest websites in Internet history.

For us, this is a very special award. Our best projects have been selected as Site of the Day, and it always meant a lot to us because of how much work I put into them.

For this reason, we are extremely happy to see HelloRun selected as our first ever FWA Site of the Month!

We want to say a big thank you to the FWA team for selecting our project as one of the best 12 sites of the year.

Available in the Chrome App Store: HelloRun

HelloRun is now listed on the Chrome Web Store for easy access in your Chrome or Chromium browser. Just install the shortcut and you’ll see a new HelloRun icon on the the App Launcher.


You can find HelloRun in the Games / Arcade & Action category. Feel free to try it out and rate us well :)