Reasons to be Creative 2013

Only a few weeks to go until the Reasons to be Creative conference, one of the most exciting events of the Brighton Digital Festival.

Organised by the lovely team that brought us Flash on the Beach, this event is very special for us and we are very proud to count us among the incredible selection of speakers.

Two years ago we gave a sneak preview of our WebGL project Lights and for this occasion we also have a new project to show.

HelloRun: Lessons learned making an HTML5 game


Modern Web browsers are capable of producing some amazing audiovisual candy, through new capabilities like HTML5, fast Javascript and WebGL.


HelloRun is an HTML5 game created by HelloEnjoy and designed to take advantage of these technologies for both desktop and mobile platforms.


This talk gives a deep dive into the story of how the game was created, highlighting the positives and the challenges to making this happen.


Drawing on his experience building interactive 3D pieces, Carlos will detail both the problems faced, as well as the unexpected opportunities presented, when creating HelloRun.


With HTML5 emerging as a viable technology for cross-platform games development, this session demonstrates how even small indie game developers can affordably and painlessly leverage powerful new technologies.

This session will be presented by Carlos and will take place at The Corn Exchange on September 2nd, 12:30.

It promises to be a great event, hope to see you there!

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  1. Hi
    I’d like to follow your event but I’m in Portugal.
    will you transmit it online
    Eduard Reis

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