FWA Site Of The Day: HelloRun

The Favourite Website Awards, better known as the FWA, has inspired a generation of designers to look at every detail and create better work.

We are always delighted to have our work recognised by them, and in this occasion we are proud to see HelloRun named FWA Site of the Day.

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    • Thanks Simon! We bought the assets in the Unity Asset Store for only $70, but then we spent a couple of weeks optimising them for WebGL mobile and another two weeks creating custom shaders.

  1. ZGE can currently generate executables for Windows, Linux and OS X. The ZGE runtime is very portable because it use no other external references except OpenGL, so we are investigating other platforms. It is important to note that ZGE is a non-profit driven project completely developed by enthusiasts in their spare time. The source code is free and we welcome anyone to help in making ZGE a better product.

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