Thinking Digital 2011 Recap

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at the Thinking Digital conference at The Sage Gateshead, in Newcastle. The location alone is worth the visit, but what impressed us most were the presentations we saw. Truly inspirational talks from some the world’s greatest minds about their respective fields and careers, ranging from data visualization to cancer research.

The vibe of the conference was really positive, everyone was there to learn and be amazed at what the future holds. We enjoyed hanging out with speakers and attendees. Our session was well received by the audience, with helloflower driving enough attention to jump 194 places in the Entertainment category of the iPad App Store just after our talk. New Media Monthly were covering the event and posted a nice article about our app.

Special thanks to Herb Kim, Ellie Silson, Heather Peacock and everyone who made this event not only possible but a wonderful success.

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Hi, I'm Carlos Ulloa, an interactive designer, based in Brighton and co-founder of HelloEnjoy. You can find me on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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