Flash on the Beach 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Brighton hosted Flash on the Beach, a conference that brings together the best designers, developers and minds in the Flash, design and web community.

I had the pleasure to speak for the fourth time and present the latest work of the studio, including our helloflower app and our new WebGL project Lights.

Judging from the feedback we got, my session was well received. In particular, I love this sketchnote from James Whiteley.

I was also moved by the title sequence for the conference, created by GMUNK. A beautiful piece that marries computer controlled LED light sequencing with an emotional live-action modern dance performance.

In the same way the Flash community has matured and started to make good use of other platforms, Flash on the Beach has expanded way beyond Flash, focusing on design, code and inspiration instead of on a particular technology. The name of the conference is going to change to reflect this, but I’m sure the focus and creative energy will be maintained.

Many thanks to John Davey and his team and congrats for putting together such a great event once more. We look forward to enjoying and being inspired at next year’s edition.

Photo by Les Chatfield.

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Hi, I'm Carlos Ulloa, an interactive designer, based in Brighton and co-founder of HelloEnjoy. You can find me on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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